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How to Prevent your Lawn from Eroding - Seed and Turf
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How to Prevent your Lawn from Eroding

How to Prevent your Lawn from Eroding

Water, wind and other elements may be causing erosion in your lawn. Erosion removes the outermost layer of soil that contains the nutrients and organic matter that your lawn needs. Healthy soil is essential in maintaining a lush and healthy turf; when it erodes, it becomes less fertile, leaving your instant turf more vulnerable to diseases and other lawn problems.

Here are some tips on how you can control and minimise erosion in your lawn. 


Compaction in the soil is typically caused by constant foot and vehicle traffic and heavy equipment being pressed on the ground for significant lengths of time. When the soil is compacted, water and oxygen can’t easily penetrate it to reach the root systems. This is why when it rains or when you water the lawn, instead of getting absorbed into the soil, the water pools on top before flowing off the lawn and eroding the surface layer. To prevent this, ensure that you regularly aerate the lawn. If possible, also redirect foot traffic and choose lighter lawn equipment models to avoid distressing the soil.


Applying mulch on your lawn makes it less susceptible to erosion. Mulching also helps protect the root systems, stabilises the soil temperature and keeps moisture in. Using organic mulch, such as wood chips, shredded leaves and lawn clippings also adds nutrients to the soil, facilitating healthier grass growth. 

Installing downspout extensions

Installing downspout extensions helps divert the flow of water away, preventing it from pooling in the middle of the lawn. You can direct the water instead to an erosion-resistant zone; for this, it’s best to also have a dry creek bed or a French drain that not only slows down water runoff but also protects the soil. 

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