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How to Keep the Soil Healthy for Your Lawn Turf - Seed and Turf
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How to Keep the Soil Healthy for Your Lawn Turf


How to Keep the Soil Healthy for Your Lawn Turf

Maintaining your lawn turf  involves looking after the soil to ensure it’s healthy and able to support your lawn growth. Healthy soil is imperative in keeping your lawn turf lusciously green and in ensuring that the grass is able to grow to its full potential. 

Here are some simple ways in which you can keep the soil healthy for your lawn turf.

Maintain healthy pH levels

Soil pH levels dictate how conducive to plant growth it is. The scale ranges from 1 to 14, with 1 to 7 being acidic and 8 to 14 being basic. Lawn grass generally prefers slightly acidic soil, with the recommended healthy range between 5.5 to 7.

Aerate the lawn

Aeration lets air in, allowing the root systems to breathe and for nutrients to circulate. It also lessons compaction in the soil. It is recommended that you aerate your lawn at least once a year, and more if your lawn is impacted by high foot traffic regularly.

Get rid of the pests

Pests tend to burrow into the soil and breed there, and they can cause nasty damage and diseases. Lawn grubs in particular destroy the grass and the root systems. Get rid of the grubs before they can cause significant harm to your lawn turf.

Keep it damp

Dry soil is not healthy for plants. You need to strike a healthy balance between keeping your soil damp but not too wet, as that can cause further damage. You should water your lawn for at least 20 minutes about three times a week. This should allow the water to soak deep enough into the soil and reach the root systems.

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