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  • Determining the Best Time to Lay Your Lawn Turf: Key Considerations
    Laying your instant turf is an exciting step towards achieving a lush, green lawn. However, timing is crucial when it comes to this task. In this guide, we’ll explore key considerations to help you determine the best time to lay your lawn turf in Australia….
  • Exploring Lawn Solutions for Your Property
    A well-maintained lawn can greatly enhance the beauty and value of any property. Whether you’re a homeowner, property manager, or landscape enthusiast, finding the right lawn solutions is essential for achieving your desired outdoor space. In this blog post, we’ll explore various lawn solutions to…
  • A Guide to Efficient Lawn Irrigation
    Maintaining a lush, healthy lawn requires proper irrigation practices. Efficient lawn irrigation not only conserves water but also ensures optimal hydration for your turf. Here’s a comprehensive guide to help you achieve efficient lawn irrigation and promote vibrant growth for your instant turf. Choosing the…
  • A Guide to Preparing Your Instant Turf for the Colder Months
    As autumn sets in and cooler weather becomes the norm, it’s crucial to ready your instant turf for the seasonal shift. Proper preparation ensures your lawn remains healthy and resilient through the colder months, setting the stage for vibrant growth come spring. Here’s a detailed…
  • Common Lawn Problems and How to Fix Them
    Maintaining a lush, green lawn can sometimes feel like a never-ending battle against various challenges. However, armed with the right knowledge and techniques, you can overcome common lawn problems and restore your outdoor oasis to its former glory! Let’s explore three prevalent issues and their…
  • Enhancing Your Lawn’s Aesthetic Appeal in Autumn
    As autumn brings warm colours to nature’s canvas, it’s important to keep your lawn beautiful through the changing seasons. Don’t fret! We’re here to help you improve your outdoor space as the weather shifts! Let’s explore ways to care for your turf with these lawn…
  • Step-by-Step DIY Instant Turf Installation: A Simple Guide for a Lush Lawn
    Creating a vibrant and lush lawn doesn’t have to be a complicated task. With our DIY instant turf installation guide, you can transform your outdoor space into a green paradise. Follow these easy steps to achieve professional-looking results. Step 1: Planning and Preparation Before you…
  • How to Create a Perfect Outdoor Space for Valentine’s Day
    As Valentine’s Day approaches, it doesn’t really require anything fancy or expensive for your date night. You can actually transform your backyard into a charming space with budget-friendly lawn solutions. Here are some tips to enhance your outdoor atmosphere this love month! Set Up a…
  • Make the most of your turf area for outdoor gatherings and barbecues this summer!
    Turn your lawn into a space of relaxation and socialising! Whether you’ve recently installed it or it’s been part of your backyard for a while, your instant turf can be converted into an inviting space for outdoor gatherings and barbecues this summer season. Check out…
  • Revitalise Your Lawn This Summer with Our Expert Tips
    As the summer sun graces us with its warmth, it’s prime time to shower your instant turf with a bit of love! Taking good care of your lawn is super important, especially during this season. While summer is great for your lawn to grow fast,…
  • Natural vs Synthetic Lawn. Which one is better?
    Natural or synthetic lawns—weighing authenticity against low-maintenance convenience.
  • How to Design a Zen Garden?
    Are you planning to design a Zen garden where you can unwind and reconnect with nature? Here at Australian Seed and Turf, we’re dedicated to guiding you through the process. Let’s explore these ideas together and discover how the seamless integration of instant turf with…
  • The Role of Commercial Turf in Increasing Property Value
    Did you know that the appearance of your property’s outdoor space can significantly impact its value? One key factor is the quality and maintenance of the turf. In this blog, we’ll explore how the right instant turf can increase your property’s value, making it more…
  • Benefits of Mulching for Turf Health
    Here’s how you can keep your turf healthy through mulching!
  • Why Matilda Buffalo Turf is a Paw-sitive Choice for Pet Owners
    Here’s why our Matilda Buffalo turf is the best choice for your furry mates!
  • Expert Insights on Proper Mowing, Irrigation, and Fertilisation
    Check out these expert insights to help maintain your lawn healthy and thriving.
  • Identifying Common Spring Garden Pests and How to Deal with Them
    Here are some common spring garden pests and how to deal with them.
  • How often should you mow your lawn in winter?
    Are you wondering if you should mow your instant lawn in winter and how often you should do it? Winter lawn care can differ from the growing season, and understanding the right approach is essential to maintaining a healthy and beautiful lawn throughout the year. …
  • When should you fertilise your lawn?
    Are you longing for a lush, vibrant lawn that showcases the beauty of your home? Well, achieving a picture-perfect lawn starts with proper fertilisation. Knowing when to fertilise your lawn is the key to unlocking its full potential and ensuring healthy, robust growth.  In this…
  • Is it a good idea to lay turf in wet weather?
    Here’s how you can carefully plan and proper maintenance practices for a resilient lawn in wet weather.
  • How to turn your concrete backyard into a beautiful garden?
    Here’s how you can transform your concrete backyard to a lush garden.
  • 3 Tips To Help Caring For Your Lawn In Winter Easy
    Discover three essential tips to make caring for your lawn in winter a breeze.
  • Here’s How To Successfully Maintain Your Fine Fescue Blend Turf
    Check out how you can successfully maintain your Fine Fescue Blend turf.
  • 3 Facts About Our Kikuyu Kenda Instant Grass & Turf
    Check out three key facts about this durable, low-maintenance, and attractive lawn option.
  • Five Benefits of A Beautiful Lawn
    Check out these five benefits of a beautiful lawn and how we can help you achieve it.
  • Autumn Is Upon Us. How To Care For Your Lawn Now That Summer’s Over?
    Here are some tips on how to take care of your lawn during the autumn season.
  • Everything You Need to Know About Our Santa Ana Couch Lawn
    Here’s everything you need to know about Santa Ana Couch lawn and how we can help.
  • Matilda Buffalo vs Kikuyu Kenda. Which is better for your home garden?
    Here are some ways to choose between Matilda Buffalo or Kikuyu Kenda for your home garden.
  • How to choose a turf that suits Melbourne’s ever-changing weather?
    Here are some tips in choosing a turf that can withstand Melbourne’s changing weather.
  • 3 Tips to Help You Prepare Your Outdoor Area For Summer Entertaining
    Here are some tips to ensure that your outdoor area is ready for summer entertaining.
  • How To Beat The Heat This Summer. 3 Key tips for Maintaining Your Instant Lawn During The Warmer Months
    Here are some tips to keep your lawn well-maintained during the summer.
  • What is Hydroseeding and How Will it Benefit Your Lawn?
    Here’s what you need to know about hydroseeding and its benefits to your lawn.
  • Everything You Need To Know To Achieve A Pet-Friendly Turf.
    Here are some ways to achieve a pet-friendly turf.
  • Everything you need to know about getting rid of those pesky weeds
    Unwanted weeds ruining your lawn? Here is how you can get rid of those pesky weeds permanently.
  • Maintaining your soil so that you have a healthy lawn turf
    We all want lush green turf that thrives even in the most difficult weather conditions. But do you know how to get that perfect lawn? Simple, by maintaining your soil.  Having a healthy soil is essential for growing a beautiful and robust lawn. Here are…
  • Keeping your instant turf in great condition when you have pets
    Here’s how you can keep your instant turf in great condition for your furry friends.
  • How to care for your lawn turf as the summer heat begins to kick in.
    Read our guide to prepare your lawn for Summer.
  • How to child-proof your lawn turf
    Here are some ways to ensure that your lawn is safe for the kids.
  • Spring Lawn Care Guide
    Read our guide to prepare your lawn for Spring.
  • Why is my instant turf dying and how to fix this?
    Worried that your instant turf is dying? Check out our guide to help you fix it.
  • Everything you need to know about our Commercial Turf options: Fine Fescue Blend and Bentgrass
    Looking for commercial turf options? Read our guide to know more.
  • What’s the Difference between Instant Turf and Hydroseeding?
    See how our guide can help you choose between Instant Turf or Hydroseeding to achieve an attractive garden.
  • The Best Time of Year to Lay Turf for Optimal Results
    Find out the best season to lay your instant turf for optimal results.
  • Best practices for turf aftercare
    Laying a new lawn also means you need to consider turf aftercare. Read about the best practices to ensure a luscious and healthy lawn.
  • Caring for your Matilda Buffalo lawn
    Matilda Buffalo is the perfect soft lawn that you can use for a long time. Here are some ways to properly maintain it.
  • Do’s & Don’ts when it comes to fertilising your lawn
    One of the important habits in keeping your lawn beautiful and healthy is to fertilise it. Here are some ways to guide you.
  • 5 Common mistakes people make when laying instant turf
    Using an instant turf has a lot of benefits, but you must avoid these 5 common mistakes to make sure you have a beautiful outdoor space.
  • Instant Turf Guide for Beginners
    Instant Turf impacts the overall atmosphere of your yard. It’s important to understand the basic ways to install it to achieve a healthy lawn.
  • Do’s and Don’ts when it comes to Lawn Maintenance
    Lawn maintenance isn’t a tedious task when you know how to identify the right ways to do it. Knowing the Do’s and Don’ts will reap benefits.
  • Benefits of Gutter Cleaning for Your Instant Turf
    Enriching the appeal of your property is not just about keeping your instant turf green and healthy. It also involves ensuring that the entire landscape gets the care and attention it needs. This includes regular gutter cleaning! Gutter cleaning is essential for a beautiful landscape….
  • Basic Autumn Lawn Care Guide
    For your instant turf to continue to flourish, it needs care and attention, no matter the season! As the air is expected to get colder after a long summer, here’s how you can keep your lawn turf healthy and strong. Scarifying the lawn Scarifying is…
  • How to Properly Scarify the Lawn Turf
    Scarifying your instant turf helps minimise the layers of thatch on it. Thatch is the layer of dead organic matter, such as fallen leaves and twigs, that accumulate on the surface of the lawn. If not dealt with, it can contribute to poor lawn health….
  • Tips for Aerating Your Lawn
    Your instant turf needs regular care to flourish and remain healthy. This maintenance should involve watering, mowing and fertilising. On top of the grass, the soil also needs some maintenance, and this is best done through aeration. Aeration involves breaking down compacted soil and allows…
  • Lawn Mowing: Do’s and Don’ts to Prevent Damage to Your Lawn Turf
    Mowing is an essential part of caring for your lawn turf. Here are some do’s and don’ts to keep in mind when mowing to ensure that your lawn remains healthy and lush.  Don’t mow when it’s too hot When you mow when it’s too hot,…
  • How to Prevent your Lawn from Eroding
    Water, wind and other elements may be causing erosion in your lawn. Erosion removes the outermost layer of soil that contains the nutrients and organic matter that your lawn needs. Healthy soil is essential in maintaining a lush and healthy turf; when it erodes, it…
  • When’s the Best Time to Lay Instant Turf?
    When thinking of laying your instant turf, it’s important to consider seasonal factors, grass variety and timing. For instance, lawn turf varieties like the Matilda Buffalo and Kikuyu Kenda are extremely durable and vigorous all-year-round. They can tolerate dry spells and have outstanding wear resistance….
  • Instant Lawn Care Resolutions for the New Year!
    Want to install an instant turf that’s greener and healthier than ever before? There’s no time like the new year to improve your lawn maintenance and bring your lawn care to the next level.  Here are some resolutions that can help make lawn care easier…
  • Summer Lawn Care Tips
    The (sometimes unpredictably) extreme heat will likely take a toll on your instant lawn this summer. If your lawn care routine falters, so will the health of your lawn. To keep the grass green and healthy, you may have to adapt your routine to be…
  • Dealing with Common Lawn Turf Problems in Summer
    This summer, your instant turf may exhibit signs of stress brought about by the rising heat and high humidity. It’s important to quickly spot these signs and identify the problem in order to deal with them before they severely damage the lawn.  Here are some…
  • Irrigation Tips for Healthy Instant Lawn
    Your instant turf needs proper and sufficient watering to remain lush, green and healthy, especially during the summer months. The excessive heat can dry up the soil quickly, preventing the roots from getting the moisture and nutrients they need. The key to watering your lawn…
  • Keeping Your Instant Lawn Healthy throughout Summer
    As the weather warms, it’s the perfect time to start thinking about how you can keep your instant lawn green and healthy during summer. Keep your lawn from suffering through the heat with these easy summertime maintenance tips. Mow high Mowing your lawn supports healthy…
  • Solid Turf & Hydroseeding: Comparing Lawn Solutions
    If you’re wanting to get the perfect instant lawn in Melbourne, you can go about it in various ways. Direct application by laying sod is the most common method, while hydroseeding is currently gaining popularity as an alternative. Which one is best for your property?…
  • What You Should Know About Hydroseeding
    If you’re looking for a new way to make your lawn turf healthy and beautiful, perhaps you’ve read about hydroseeding. Hydroseeding is a process that combines seed with a mixture of fertiliser, lime, mulch, biostimulants and other additives in a large tank to create a…
  • The Best Time for Turf Installation in Melbourne
    If you’re planning your turf installation in Melbourne, there are several factors to keep in mind. Climate, rainfall conditions and temperature during different seasons are some of the things you have to plan around. How successful you grow your lawn depends on the type of…
  • How Instant Turf Can Help Create a Multi-functional Lawn
    Instant turf plays an important part in outdoor landscaping as it makes your home more attractive and increases its overall value. With proper upkeep and maintenance, you can enjoy your lawn turf all year round. As an extension of your home, your lawn is perfect…
  • How to Prep Your Lawn for Instant Turf Installation
    As with any home project, instant turf installation requires some prep time. Proper preparation is important in ensuring that your lawn turf will be healthy and attractive.  Here’s what you can do to effectively prep your lawn for turf installation:   Sweep the area All debris…
  • How to Avoid a Waterlogged Lawn
    A waterlogged lawn is almost as bad as a wilted lawn. Waterlogged lawns can come about in various ways, but with the right guidance, here’s how you can avoid water logging your instant lawn in Melbourne. Improve soil quality If you have prepared your soil…
  • Improving Grass Root Growth
    It’s easy to focus on the visible greens of your lawn turf. But its health is also directly affected by its grass root growth, as the roots are responsible for bringing the nutrients necessary for the blades to flourish. Having robust roots is an important…
  • Why You Should Perform a Soil Test
    Before installing your instant turf, you should ensure that the soil is healthy enough to facilitate strong growth. Performing a soil test is an effective way to check whether your soil will be able to support robust plant growth and ultimately contribute to a lush,…
  • Lawn Turf Diseases to Watch Out for this Winter
    Winter is well and truly upon us, but that doesn’t mean that we should stop caring for our lawn.  The cold weather can actually bring about some nasty and damaging diseases that can negatively impact your instant turf. Here are some diseases to watch out…
  • Soil Maintenance Tips for a Healthy Lawn Turf
    Healthy soil is critical for a healthy lawn turf. You can guarantee that your lawn will thrive if its soil is rich with nutrients and is effective at regulating water, air and minerals.  Over time, it’s inevitable that your soil will have to be replenished…
  • Caring for Your Buffalo Turf
    Buffalo turf is a durable and resilient grass variety that can survive under harsh climates. If you’re looking for a high-performing instant turf that requires low maintenance, buffalo turf is a great choice. The Matilda buffalo variety in particular is designed to withstand Australia’s fluctuating…
  • Choosing the Best Instant Turf
    Installing instant turf improves the aesthetic value of your property and allows you to enjoy the outdoor areas comfortably. Choosing the right turf doesn’t have to be an ordeal. We guarantee that if you keep these tips in mind you will be able to choose…
  • Benefits of a Healthy Lawn Turf
    If kept healthy and maintained, your instant turf makes your property look beautiful while also adding value to it. In addition to enhancing your lifestyle, a healthy lawn turf also offers plenty of social and environmental benefits. Here’s why having a healthy lawn turf is…
  • Easy Mowing Tips for Improving Your Lawn
    Mowing is one of the most important things you can do to look after your instant turf. As with anything, to ensure you get the best results, you have to invest your time and effort.  Here are some easy mowing tips you can follow for…
  • Mulching Tips for Beginners
    For your instant turf to flourish, you need nutrient-rich, healthy soil. Mulching is an age-old method for keeping your lawn healthier, greener and fresher. With proper mulching, you can enjoy the perks of richer growth without the time spent weeding, watering and dealing with lawn…
  • Fixing Water Runoff Problems on Your Lawn
    If you’re experiencing water runoff problems, your instant turf may be suffering from unnecessary damage. Water runoff can cause nutritional deficiencies in the soil, whereby the nutrients are not being properly absorbed. You may also face the problem of flooding and erosion that will make…
  • Ideal Time to Mow Your Lawn
    Mowing is a vital part of proper lawn turf maintenance. Failing to keep your lawn at a certain height is detrimental to its overall health. The lawn’s height directly affects the depth of its root system, which is essential in the absorption of water and…
  • Common Lawn Problems and How to Deal with Them
    To keep your instant turf lush and healthy, it is important to be aware of the possible problems you may encounter when it comes to maintaining it. That way, you will be able to identify the issues as soon as possible and take the necessary…
  • Create The Perfect Lawn For You And Your Pet
    There’s no doubt that your pets, particularly dogs and puppies, are notorious when it comes to making a mess of your yard and flower beds. While it may seem that a healthy lawn and a happy pet can’t coexist, there are things you can do…
  • Keeping Your Lawn Refreshed in the Summer Heat
    The intense summer heat and dryness means that your instant turf will require extra care and attention to maintain its condition.   Are you wondering what you can do to keep your lawn healthy and fresh this summer? Here are some handy tips to help you…
  • Getting Rid of Lawn Grubs
    Having grubs in your lawn is far from unusual. But, only when the grubs begin to overrun your instant turf do they become a cause for concern. A quick population boom amongst lawn grubs can lead to larger pests and creatures descending on your lawn…
  • How to Repair Bare Patches on Your Lawn Turf
    To maintain your instant turf, you’re going to have to invest time and effort into caring for it. If you want to keep your lawn in pristine condition, you have to watch out for lawn diseases and other issues that might damage it. One issue…
  • Best Practices for Mowing Your Lawn Turf
    Proper maintenance is necessary for the lush and healthy growth of your instant turf. Part of maintaining the lawn’s health and appearance is by mowing. Regular mowing helps to not only keep your lawn looking neat but also to prevent problems like weeds from sprouting. …
  • Tips and Tricks for Effectively Watering Your Lawn
    Watering is one of the most important things for keeping your instant turf green and healthy. But, there’s more to watering than you may think, and it’s not as simple as just quickly sprinkling the hose over the lawn. Setting up your sprinklers to run…
  • Tips for Fertilising Your Lawn
    Keep your instant turf healthy and beautiful by using fertilisers! Fertilisers help your lawn to grow healthy, dense and robust. One of the most important ingredients of a good fertiliser is nitrogen, which is essential in the metabolic processes of all plant life.  Choose the…
  • Dealing with Weeds during Spring and Summer
    To keep your instant turf flourishing during spring and summer, you have to remove, and be on top of maintaining, weeds. Weeds germinate quickly, especially when there is plenty of sun, so you have to be proactive in stopping them from damaging your lawn. Weed…
  • Watering Tips for a Healthy Lawn
    Proper watering is essential for maintaining a healthy lawn turf. Even drought-tolerant varieties require relatively frequent watering to ensure that they don’t dry out. Rainfall is a great source of water for your lawn, but when it’s hot, you may need to provide some supplementary…
  • Preventing Burnout in Your New Lawn
    Once your instant turf is installed, you’ll want to ensure that it flourishes. To do that, you have to make sure it’s properly cared for. Part of caring for your lawn includes keeping it from burning out. Lawn burnout, also called sod heating, is when…
  • What Should You Know About Your Buffalo Turf
    Have you ever thought about installing buffalo turf at your property? It is a fantastic choice that can increase the value of your land. The Matilda buffalo turf variety is an ideal lawn solution that offers a high quality cover and good long term durability….
  • Feeding Your Lawn Turf during Winter
    Taking care of your instant lawn in Melbourne during winter requires just about the same amount of effort as it does the rest of the year. Feeding your lawn turf during winter is essential to encourage stronger growth once spring comes around. While the temperature…
  • Basics of Mulching Your Lawn Turf
    A healthy, green lawn turf enjoys an equally healthy and nutrient-rich soil. Mulching is a great method to ensure that the lawn and the soil are kept in impeccable condition. Mulch generally consists of grass clippings from the mowed grass or other garden debris like…
  • Overseeding Your Lawn Turf
    A healthy lawn turf doesn’t miraculously grow overnight. Your lawn needs regular maintenance and care for it to flourish! One of the ways to improve lawn growth is by overseeding. So, what is overseeding? Overseeding is a process in which grass seeds are applied directly…
  • How to Keep the Soil Healthy for Your Lawn Turf
    Maintaining your lawn turf  involves looking after the soil to ensure it’s healthy and able to support your lawn growth. Healthy soil is imperative in keeping your lawn turf lusciously green and in ensuring that the grass is able to grow to its full potential. …
  • Making a Homemade Weed Spray for Your Lawn
    With caring for your lawn turf unfortunately comes the unpleasant task of having to maintain and manage those pesky weeds. Usually, gardeners and homeowners use chemicals to deal with weeds, but that comes with damaging side effects such as inhibiting grass growth. The ingredients in…
  • Treating Brown Patches on the Lawn
    After getting your instant turf installed, you’re probably imagining a perfect lawn with constantly luscious, rich green turf. It’s perfectly achievable, but just like anything worth having, you have to work for it. One of the challenges you may face are brown patches on your…
  • Lawn Care Tips for Beginners
    Once you’ve installed your instant turf, it’s a matter of taking care of it! Taking care of your lawn is an incredibly rewarding experience. If you’re a first-time homeowner with a brand-new lawn that you don’t know how to deal with, it might be daunting….
  • Making Your Lawn Pet-Friendly
    Keeping your lawn turf neat and well-maintained becomes a bit more of a challenge when you have a dog who loves a run on the lawn. After all, dogs have an excitable nature that tends to turn a trimmed lawn into a muddy little mess….
  • Tips for Effective Mulching
    One of the things that helps keep a healthy green lawn is mulching. It’s a lot easier than it sounds if you know the basics and learn some best practices. It also helps give a sense of satisfaction when your lawn turns out to be…
  • When Should You Ideally Install Your Lawn Turf?
    It is important to consider when to install your lawn turf regardless of the type of grass you have. Several factors you should take note of include climate and rainfall conditions, as well as whether the temperature range of the season agrees well with the…