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Tips for Effective Mulching - Seed and Turf
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Tips for Effective Mulching

Tips for Effective Mulching

One of the things that helps keep a healthy green lawn is mulching. It’s a lot easier than it sounds if you know the basics and learn some best practices. It also helps give a sense of satisfaction when your lawn turns out to be robust and strong.

So how do you get started with mulching? Mulching is a method in which materials are placed over the soil surface to improve soil condition and maintain moisture. It helps prevent weed germination and growth as well as insulates the soil, therefore protecting the root system from extreme temperatures during summer and winter. Depending on the materials used, mulches can also help improve soil fertility which leads to better lawn growth.

Use lawn clippings

Organic mulches can include wood chips, shredded bark, pine needles, shredded leaves and straw. You can also use your lawn clippings after you mow. It is far more cost-effective, as you simply reuse your own grass clipping. These clippings have enough nitrogen content for your lawn and are generally fine enough to be easily broken down by water, soil microbes and insects.

Mulch when it’s dry

Using dry clippings is much better than wet clippings. It’s also better to apply the mulch when the lawn is dry, after the morning dew or water has evaporated.

Be careful with the amount of mulch you apply

Being overzealous with your mulching can do more harm than good, so you should know how much to apply on your lawn. A very light layer will completely discourage weed growth and ensure you use less in very shady spots.

Need help with taking care of your turf?

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