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Why You Should Perform a Soil Test - Seed and Turf
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Why You Should Perform a Soil Test

Why You Should Perform a Soil Test

Before installing your instant turf, you should ensure that the soil is healthy enough to facilitate strong growth. Performing a soil test is an effective way to check whether your soil will be able to support robust plant growth and ultimately contribute to a lush, green lawn. 

Here are some benefits of getting your soil tested.

Knowing how to improve your soil

Performing a soil test helps to determine the exact condition of your soil. The soil test provides information on the nutrients present in the soil and can indicate potential nutrient deficiencies and pH imbalances. With this information, you can then proceed to plan out how to enrich your soil to improve its fertility and enable it to better support plant life. 

Avoiding unnecessary fertiliser costs 

The results of the soil test will give you a better insight into the exact type of fertilisers your soil will require. By knowing exactly what you need, you can avoid wasting money and avoid over-fertilising. 

Preventing soil degradation

Soil quality severely affects plant growth. Poor soil quality is not conducive to healthy lawn growth, and can even be detrimental to its immediate surroundings. Knowing the quality of your soil lets you take the necessary steps to stop it from being considered “bad” or “dead” soil that cannot support plant life at all.  

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