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Soil Maintenance Tips for a Healthy Lawn Turf - Seed and Turf
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Soil Maintenance Tips for a Healthy Lawn Turf

Soil Maintenance Tips for a Healthy Lawn Turf

Healthy soil is critical for a healthy lawn turf. You can guarantee that your lawn will thrive if its soil is rich with nutrients and is effective at regulating water, air and minerals. 

Over time, it’s inevitable that your soil will have to be replenished of its nutrients and further nurtured to continually support plant growth. Here are some maintenance tips to help you with this. 

Perform a soil test

Before you can take any steps, you need to understand what is going on in your soil.  Performing a soil test is a fantastic and effective way of learning about your soil. You can gather information about its texture, pH level and the nutrients present. Being informed about your soil makes it easier to plan for necessary fertilisation. 

Add organic matter

The presence of organic matter in the soil affects how it can support healthy root growth. Organic matter consists of dead and decomposing plants and animal residue, enzymes from soil organisms as well as living plant roots and organisms. Soil organisms such as bacteria and fungi help break down plant and animal parts into nutrients that enrich the soil. These nutrients can be added to the soil via fertilisers, which is why a soil test determining the lacking nutrients in the soil is important.

Aerate the soil

Aerating makes the soil breathable, which means that the root system can receive air and water more effectively, and thus absorb nutrients easily. Compacted soil cuts off the root system’s access to the air and water that is necessary for optimum growth. 

Aside from aerating, you can minimise compaction by using designated pathways across the lawn so that it is not impacted by constant foot traffic.    

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