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Lawn Mowing Tips to Prevent Damage to Your Lawn Turf | Seed and Turf
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Lawn Mowing: Do’s and Don’ts to Prevent Damage to Your Lawn Turf

Lawn Mowing: Do’s and Don’ts to Prevent Damage to Your Lawn Turf

Mowing is an essential part of caring for your lawn turf. Here are some do’s and don’ts to keep in mind when mowing to ensure that your lawn remains healthy and lush. 

Don’t mow when it’s too hot

When you mow when it’s too hot, or when the sun is at its peak, you risk damaging your lawn. The high temperatures prevent the lawn from recovering fast enough and retaining the moisture it needs. It’s best to schedule your mowing early in the mornings or in the evenings.  

Don’t mow when the grass is wet

Mowing when the grass is wet makes for uneven cutting. It also hampers growth and makes the lawn more vulnerable to compaction. Compacted soil may result in nutrient loss, thinning the grass and making it prone to disease. 

Don’t mow too low

Mowing too much at a time causes stress to the grass, weakening your lawn. To maintain a healthy lawn, it is recommended to mow no more than a third of the grass height.  

Do keep the mowing blade sharp

Dull blades cause tearing and fraying, making the grass vulnerable to disease and causing it stress. Make sure to keep the mowing blade sharp so that you can cut the grass smoothly and cleanly. 

Do leave the clippings behind

The grass clippings are a great source of nutrients for the lawn. As they decompose, they release the nutrients to the soil, where the root systems can then absorb them better. Grass clippings also help minimise water loss and regulate temperature. 

Do alternate the mowing pattern 

When you alternate the mowing pattern, you prevent the mower from compacting the soil as it traces the same area over and over. Also, it prevents the lawn from leaning the same direction. Alternating the mowing pattern helps keep your grass even in the long run.  

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