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Dealing with Weeds during Spring and Summer - Seed and Turf
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Dealing with Weeds during Spring and Summer

Dealing with Weeds during Spring and Summer

Dealing with Weeds during Spring and Summer

To keep your instant turf flourishing during spring and summer, you have to remove, and be on top of maintaining, weeds. Weeds germinate quickly, especially when there is plenty of sun, so you have to be proactive in stopping them from damaging your lawn.

Weed prevention

Here’s how to prevent weeds from taking root in the soil.

Deep watering

Deep watering enables your grass to grow strong root systems and helps it be healthy enough to resist weed growth.


Mulching involves placing materials over the soil surface. It is an effective method to improve soil condition and maintain moisture. It also helps insulate the soil to protect the root system from extreme temperatures. Applying the proper amount of mulch can help your lawn fight off weed growth.

Weed treatment

If weeds somehow find their way into your lawn, you should deal with them straight away. Here’s how.

Manually pulling them out

Manual weeding is a hands-on approach that requires time and effort. However, the payoff is worth it! Your lawn will be free from invading weeds that rob them of nutrients. When doing manual weeding, remember to pull the weeds out by the roots. If you don’t, they will just grow back and you’ll have to do it again. Manual weeding after it rains is a good idea because it is easier to do so while the soil is damp and moist.

Depriving weeds of sunlight

Depriving weeds of sunlight is an easy way to get rid of them. You can do this by smothering them with cardboard or newspaper. This only works for areas where the weeds are dominant. Putting weights (like rocks) over your cover helps it stay in place. A tarp is also an option for larger areas.

Spraying vinegar solution

Vinegar has acetic acid which is effective in killing weeds by drawing out their moisture. You can make a simple vinegar solution by mixing about four litres of vinegar with 1 cup of salt and 1 tablespoon of dishwashing soap. Spray the solution on the weeds during a warm sunny day for best results. Try to avoid spraying your grass as well!

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