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Caring for Your Buffalo Turf - Australian Seed and Turf
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Caring for Your Buffalo Turf

Caring for Your Buffalo Turf

Buffalo turf is a durable and resilient grass variety that can survive under harsh climates. If you’re looking for a high-performing instant turf that requires low maintenance, buffalo turf is a great choice. The Matilda buffalo variety in particular is designed to withstand Australia’s fluctuating climate whilst remaining beautiful and perfectly soft. 

Here’s how you can care for your buffalo turf so that it remains lush all year round. 

Mow regularly

After the root system has been established and has latched firmly into the soil, it’s time to mow the lawn. As a general rule, do not cut off more than ⅓ of the grass blade length. Mowing too low can weaken the root system, leaving it sparse and making the buffalo turf susceptible to pests and diseases. Once the lawn has been established you should mow as needed to keep it at its prescribed height. 

Water adequately

As a baseline, buffalo grass requires a 15-minute watering once a week. This can be adjusted as needed. Particularly during winter, the grass won’t need that much water and can survive with less frequent watering or shorter watering cycles. However during summer, it will require longer watering two or three times a week to combat the heat. If your lawn needs more water, avoid watering on additional days. You should instead lengthen each watering cycle by adding a few extra minutes as necessary.

Watch out for weeds

You’ll have to keep an eye on your buffalo turf to remove any weeds as they grow. If you ignore them, they can cause damage or diseases to your turf. It’s easier to remove weeds at the onset instead of letting them grow. Remove the juvenile weeds at their roots to prevent them from growing back. If the weeds do become established, apply a weed control solution to kill the weeds without damaging the lawn itself. 

Looking for the best lawn solutions for your lawn? 

Australian Seed and Turf offers lawn solutions for your commercial or domestic turf. From providing freshly cut lawn turf to helping you with its proper installation, we’ve got you covered.

A beautiful lawn is only one call away! Contact us at (03) 9772 7632 or send us an email so we can discuss how we can be of help.

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