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Making a Homemade Weed Spray for Your Lawn - Seed and Turf
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Making a Homemade Weed Spray for Your Lawn

Making a Homemade Weed Spray for Your Lawn

With caring for your lawn turf unfortunately comes the unpleasant task of having to maintain and manage those pesky weeds. Usually, gardeners and homeowners use chemicals to deal with weeds, but that comes with damaging side effects such as inhibiting grass growth. The ingredients in weed-controlling herbicides can also negatively affect the pH levels in the soil.

Controlling the weeds in your lawn is more effective if you use organic weed control. Why not try and make your own, homemade weed spray? A homemade spray is more cost-effective and a lot safer because you don’t have to worry about it containing harmful chemicals. Plus, most of the ingredients can already be found in your pantry!

So if you’re considering making your own weed spray, why not try this idea?

Vinegar-based weed spray

A vinegar-based weed spray is one of the most effective varieties of weed control since vinegar contains acetic acid, which kills weeds.

To get started, grab the following ingredients:

  • 2 cups distilled vinegar
  • 3 tablespoons concentrated lemon juice
  • 30mL of rubbing alcohol
  • 2 teaspoons dishwashing soap
  • 1 teaspoon water

To make this weed spray, simply mix and pour the ingredients in a plastic spray bottle. The lemon juice concentrate enhances the effect of the vinegar while the dish soap helps ensure that the solution sticks to the weeds and further breaks them down.

Spray directly onto the weeds, but be careful not to spray too much on the grass or surrounding plants. If you do this on a sunny day, we guarantee that you will begin to see the effects in a matter of hours!

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