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A Guide to Preparing Your Instant Turf for the Colder Months
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A Guide to Preparing Your Instant Turf for the Colder Months

A Guide to Preparing Your Instant Turf for the Colder Months

As autumn sets in and cooler weather becomes the norm, it’s crucial to ready your instant turf for the seasonal shift. Proper preparation ensures your lawn remains healthy and resilient through the colder months, setting the stage for vibrant growth come spring. Here’s a detailed guide to preparing your instant turf for the changing seasons.

Soil Enhancement: Nurturing Nutrient-Rich Ground

Autumn provides an opportune time to enrich your turf’s soil, bolstering its nutrient content and fortifying its foundation for the coming months. Begin by conducting a thorough soil test to assess pH levels and nutrient deficiencies. Based on the results, amend the soil with organic matter or targeted fertilisers to optimise nutrient availability and foster robust root development.

Autumn Lawn Care: Cultivating Winter Endurance

Effective lawn care practices during autumn are paramount for nurturing a resilient turf that can withstand the challenges of winter. Gradually lower the cutting height of your mower as temperatures drop, encouraging shorter grass blades that are less susceptible to winter-related issues like snow mould. Additionally, maintain a diligent regimen of leaf and debris removal to prevent suffocation and promote optimal air circulation.

Sustaining Seasonal Health

Maintaining your instant turf throughout autumn is vital for sustaining its health and vitality. Regular mowing and trimming ensure your lawn remains neat and well-groomed, while consistent watering helps prevent dehydration and stress during the transitional season. Keep an eye out for signs of pest activity or disease, addressing any issues promptly to safeguard the health of your turf.

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