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When should you fertilise your lawn? - Seed and Turf
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When should you fertilise your lawn?

When should you fertilise your lawn?

Are you longing for a lush, vibrant lawn that showcases the beauty of your home? Well, achieving a picture-perfect lawn starts with proper fertilisation. Knowing when to fertilise your lawn is the key to unlocking its full potential and ensuring healthy, robust growth. 

In this guide, we will walk you through the essential factors to consider and the best times to nourish your lawn with our lawn solutions

Determining the Best Timing for Lawn Fertilisation

Have you ever considered the importance of timing when it comes to lawn fertilisation? The timing can significantly impact the health of your lawn. Factors such as the type of grass, local climate, and specific conditions play a pivotal role. In most cases, both spring and fall are generally considered as the optimal seasons for fertilisation.

Seasonal Fertilisation Guidelines

Seasonal fertilisation is essential for you to have a thriving lawn. Use higher nitrogen content in spring for growth, slow-release fertilisers in summer, and balanced nutrients in fall. We highly suggest avoiding winter fertilisation as the grass is dormant. Following these guidelines ensures a lush and resilient lawn year-round.

Choosing the right kind of fertiliser for your lawn

The nutrient requirements of your lawn may vary depending on the type of grass, making it essential to read the fertiliser label carefully. A standard fertiliser label consists of three numbers representing the proportion of each macronutrient. The first number indicates the nitrogen content (N), the second represents phosphorus (P), and the third denotes potassium (K). For example, a 10-40-20 fertiliser contains higher phosphorus, while a 10-10-10 fertiliser is balanced in its nutrient composition.

Our team at Australian Seed & Turf offers the service of providing maintenance and fertilisation tips to keep your lawn in top condition. Whether you need guidance on mowing techniques, watering schedules, or identifying and treating common instant turf issues, our experts are here to assist you.

Call us at (03) 9772 7632 or contact us here so we can discuss how we can be of help.

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