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What You Should Know About Hydroseeding - Australian Seed and Turf
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What You Should Know About Hydroseeding

What You Should Know About Hydroseeding

If you’re looking for a new way to make your lawn turf healthy and beautiful, perhaps you’ve read about hydroseeding. Hydroseeding is a process that combines seed with a mixture of fertiliser, lime, mulch, biostimulants and other additives in a large tank to create a slurry which is then sprayed onto the ground. It is a cost-effective alternative to laying down sod and conventional dry-seed application. 

Depending on the mulch used to strengthen seed growth, hydroseeding helps improve moisture retention for faster seed germination, insulates from extreme temperatures that lead to seed dormancy and protects from erosion. 

Variety of applications

Hydroseeding provides versatility in its application process. By spraying seeds over a lawn, it is easy to cover a wide range of surface types, whether it be flat, sloped or uneven. This method ensures the even coating of the slurry throughout the area. In this way, hydroseeding can be used in many types of terrains covering different businesses, from agriculture and land development to national parks and prairies.

Controlling erosion

Hydroseeding helps to stabilise the soil and prevents erosion. As the slurry dries, it hardens and therefore stops the seeds from moving via wind and water. This allows it to stay in place even under heavy rainfall. Because the seeds remain where they are, the lawn can develop fully and without patches, and the roots become a stable base that prevents soil from being carried away by water and gravity. 

Main ingredients

Though there are various additives that can be integrated into the slurry for hydroseeding, the following are its main components:

  • Water: carrier agent that triggers the germination process
  • Seed: can be anything from regular lawn grass seed, pasture seed or wildflower seed
  • Fertiliser: stimulant for root growth to encourage vigorous top growth
  • Mulch: growth medium that protects the seed, seals moisture and promotes fast germination

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