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What is Hydroseeding and How Will it Benefit Your Lawn?
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What is Hydroseeding and How Will it Benefit Your Lawn?

What is Hydroseeding and How Will it Benefit Your Lawn?

Hydroseeding is an alternative to the conventional dry-seed solution. It’s a process where a seed is mixed with lime, fertiliser, mulch, biostimulants and other additives in a large tank to create a slurry which is then sprayed onto the ground. Here are some of its benefits.


If you’re looking for cost-effective and economical lawn solutions that still guarantee quality, long-lasting and visually pleasing grass, consider hydroseeding. It typically costs less than the amount of turf, but still yields beautiful results.

Moisture Retention and Erosion Control 

Hydroseeding gives better moisture to the soil and prevents erosion. Its ability to retain water is higher and has protection against pests and erosion from strong weather conditions. The seeds remain where they are, which makes your lawn fully develop without patches.


Hydroseeding is versatile when it comes to the application process. It’s easy to cover a variety of surfaces, whether it’s sloped, flat or uneven. The procedure also ensures an even coating of the slurry throughout your lawn, including the hard-to-reach areas.

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