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Treating Brown Patches on the Lawn - Seed and Turf
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Treating Brown Patches on the Lawn


Treating Brown Patches on the Lawn

After getting your instant turf installed, you’re probably imagining a perfect lawn with constantly luscious, rich green turf. It’s perfectly achievable, but just like anything worth having, you have to work for it.

One of the challenges you may face are brown patches on your lawn. These are unseemly and ruin a perfectly nice view, and they’re quite a solid sign that your lawn is having health or growth issues.

Here are some fixes for brown patches on the lawn, depending on the cause:

If the temperature is too hot

When the sun beats down too harshly, your lawn can get a bit ‘fried’, resulting in scorched areas that manifest as dry brown patches. To counteract this, you have to be more proactive in watering your lawn. Deep watering once or twice a week typically suffices, but depending on the condition of your lawn, you may need to do some surface watering too. Be careful not to drown your grass.

If you’re mowing the wrong way

Sometimes, mowing incorrectly causes as much damage as not mowing at all. For instance, using a dull mower blade tends to shred grass blades instead of cutting them neatly, therefore leaving the grass vulnerable to pests and diseases.

If the soil is unhealthy

Unhealthy soil leads to unhealthy growth. Fertilising is a good way to ensure that the soil can provide the right nutrients for your turf. Before doing so, you should perform a pH test; this will tell you what kind of fertilisers your lawn turf needs and how much you should apply.

If there are grubs

Grubs and other insect pests munch on the grass roots, causing significant damage to your lawn, and this can lead to unsightly brown patches where the damage has occurred. If there are grubs in your lawn, it’s best to get professional treatment to better ensure that your lawn is restored to its full health. There are also lawn pest control products you can buy if you want to manage the issue yourself. Speak to us if you are unsure what works best.

Looking for the best lawn solutions for your turf?

Australian Seed and Turf offers lawn solutions for your commercial or domestic turf. From providing freshly cut lawn turf to helping you with its proper installation, we’ve got you covered.

A beautiful lawn is only one call away! Contact us at (03) 9772 7632 or send us an email so we can discuss how we can be of help.

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