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Tips for Fertilising Your Lawn - Australian Seed and Turf
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Tips for Fertilising Your Lawn

Tips for Fertilising Your Lawn

Keep your instant turf healthy and beautiful by using fertilisers! Fertilisers help your lawn to grow healthy, dense and robust. One of the most important ingredients of a good fertiliser is nitrogen, which is essential in the metabolic processes of all plant life. 

Choose the right kind of fertiliser for your lawn

Depending on the type of grass, your lawn might require varying amounts of macronutrients so you’ll have to be careful in reading the label. A typical fertiliser label has three numbers that signify the proportion of each macronutrient. The first number is always the nitrogen content (N), the second is always the phosphorus content (P) and the third is always the potassium content (K). For instance, a 10-40-20 has more phosphorus content, while a 10-10-10 is balanced.

Water your lawn before fertilising

A day or two before you plan to fertilise your lawn,you should thoroughly water your lawn. Once it’s dry, you can apply the fertiliser and then lightly water again to wash the fertiliser from the grass blades and into the soil.

Use a drop spreader

A drop spreader assists in more evenly distributing the fertiliser. A more even distribution leads to better results. When you fertilise by hand, some areas of the lawn might receive more fertiliser than others, causing irregular growth. 

When using a drop spreader, you can start with two strips across the ends of your lawn. Work back and forth and ensure proper coverage. Always shut the hopper after each pass to avoid a fertiliser pile.

Avoid spills

Spilling fertiliser can lead to a pile up that can scorch your lawn and even kill it. If you do spill the fertiliser, quickly sweep the granules as far as you can across the lawn. 

Looking for the best lawn solutions for your instant lawn turf? 

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