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Tips for Aerating Your Lawn - Seed and Turf
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Tips for Aerating Your Lawn

Tips for Aerating Your Lawn

Your instant turf needs regular care to flourish and remain healthy. This maintenance should involve watering, mowing and fertilising. On top of the grass, the soil also needs some maintenance, and this is best done through aeration. Aeration involves breaking down compacted soil and allows the root systems of your turf to get increased air and nutrients so that the grass can grow better, greener and healthier. 

Signs your lawn turf needs aerating

The grass shows obvious signs of wearing and tearing

Heavy foot traffic leads to compacted soil. This might come about if you walk down the same path or if your dog plays on a specific spot repeatedly. If this occurs, it can become easy to leave marks on the lawn, making it the perfect time to start aerating.  

It’s easy for water to puddle

Compaction prevents water from being absorbed into the soil, causing it to instead pool on the surface after watering or raining. If you notice puddling, it’s time to aerate so that the water and nutrients can actually reach the roots.

The thatch thickens obviously

Thatch is the layer of organic matter that gets stockpiled on the surface of the lawn. Organic debris like fallen leaves, dried leaves and old roots can be found in thatch. If there’s too much thatch build-up, your lawn becomes vulnerable to diseases that can cause irreversible damage. A poorly aerated lawn is much more likely to have a thick layer of thatch, so it’s best to aerate it before that happens.

The lawn has never been aerated before

Have you never aerated your lawn before? If so, then you need to schedule it as soon as possible! Here’s how you can handle aeration for the first time:

Prepare the lawn

Before aerating, make sure your lawn is properly prepped. Schedule some deep watering a couple of days before the planned aeration. The moisture will soften the soil enough so that it is easier for the aerator to poke holes on the surface. 

Let the core aerator run the area once

Use a mechanical aerator to cover the area. The core aerator will create channels for the water to flow through, reaching the root systems easily. Make sure you read and understand the manual for the core aerator before using it to avoid mistakes.

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