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Tips and Tricks for Effectively Watering Your Lawn - Seed and Turf
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Tips and Tricks for Effectively Watering Your Lawn

Tips and Tricks for Effectively Watering Your Lawn

Watering is one of the most important things for keeping your instant turf green and healthy. But, there’s more to watering than you may think, and it’s not as simple as just quickly sprinkling the hose over the lawn. Setting up your sprinklers to run at night can help breed fungal diseases. Watering too lightly can dehydrate the grass and lead to wilting, while watering too much can suffocate the grass as there are not enough air pockets in the wet soil, limiting the oxygen supply.

So read on for some handy tricks of the trade on how to properly and effectively water your lawn.

[H2] When to water your instant turf

When it comes to watering your lawn turf, timing is everything. It is best to schedule your watering for early mornings, late afternoons or evenings. This is because the temperature is cooler, and unlike when it’s hot, there is less risk of the water evaporating too quickly. The cooler temperature helps give the water enough time to sink deeper into the soil and reach the roots.

How to tell if your instant turf needs to be watered

Some lawn varieties are drought-resistant, so you won’t have to water them too often. Established lawn can get by on rainfall alone. However, there are some signs to keep in mind that indicate whether your lawn needs watering. 

If your lawn has started to appear greyish or if its green hue has dulled, that’s usually a sign that it needs watering. Same goes for when the grass takes a while to spring back to form once walked on.  

How much water should you use on your instant lawn

If your instant lawn is already well established, deeper watering is needed for the water to reach the roots. Water until the top 15 to 20 cm of the soil is wet. 

How to check if you’ve watered enough

Perform the screwdriver test

Simply stick a screwdriver into the soil, at least 15 cm to 20 cm deep. If you can do it easily, then your lawn is getting enough water. If the soil is stiff and dry, you need deep watering. 

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