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The Best Time of Year to Lay Turf for Optimal Results - Seed and Turf
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The Best Time of Year to Lay Turf for Optimal Results

The Best Time of Year to Lay Turf for Optimal Results

When it comes to laying instant turf, it’s important to consider the time of the year to lay your turf so that you can guarantee optimal results. Spring is an excellent season because it’s when the ground starts to warm up, and it creates a nice foundation for the soil to moisten from the spring rain. This season gives a favourable condition for your turf as it has the best water, light and soil that will establish a healthy turf growth. When laying your instant turf in spring, here are some things to consider so that you can get the best results.

Prepare the Soil

The very first step you need to do is to prepare the soil. Make sure the soil area is clear of any sticks, rocks, weeds and stones. Invest in a good quality soil to ensure the turf will have a solid foundation.

Laying the Turf

Make sure that you install the turf on a straight path and don’t disrupt the level soil surface. For any excess turf, you may use a large knife to cut it off and once you install the sections, water it well and leave a smooth surface through a heavy roller for mowing.


After laying your turf, you need to maintain it in the weeks after the installation, as well as in the long term. The three things to remember for your turf aftercare is watering, fertilising and mowing. You must establish a consistent and regular schedule for your turf aftercare to ensure that you will continue to have a robust, lush and beautiful lawn. 

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