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The Best Time for Turf Installation in Melbourne - Seed and Turf
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The Best Time for Turf Installation in Melbourne

The Best Time for Turf Installation in Melbourne

If you’re planning your turf installation in Melbourne, there are several factors to keep in mind. Climate, rainfall conditions and temperature during different seasons are some of the things you have to plan around. How successful you grow your lawn depends on the type of grass you use and the time of year you install it. For instance, the Santa Ana Couch variety is extremely drought tolerant and therefore thrives in the Melbourne climate.

Laying turf in spring

Spring is the ideal time for turf installation due to its mild weather conditions. During these conditions, your lawn will regrow faster as it begins to grow and establish its roots. Installing your turf in spring means you can effectively prepare your lawn for the heat of summer by giving it enough time to more firmly establish its root system so it can withstand the harsher conditions of the season. Spring rains also help keep the grass hydrated. 

Laying turf in summer

Summers tend to run extremely hot in most states of Australia, so you have to be careful if you’re planning your turf installation during this time. If you’re confident that your lawn variety is tough enough to handle the hot weather, then summer should be fine. Just remember to keep the roots moist; a regular watering schedule will ensure that your lawn gets the water it needs so it can avoid wilting out. 

Laying turf in autumn

The cooler and gentler winds of autumn can benefit your lawn, but it’s generally recommended to install the turf as early in this season as possible. Any later and the weather will be too cold to facilitate healthy root growth. If you lay the turf early, the root systems should become established and strong enough to survive the coming winter.

Laying turf in winter

As a general rule, it is not recommended that you install your turf during winter. What you can do during winter however is prepare the soil and make sure it’s healthy and nutrient-rich to support new turf come spring. 

Looking for reliable lawn solutions to help you out? 

Australian Seed and Turf offers solutions for your instant lawn in Melbourne. From providing freshly cut lawn turf to helping you with its proper installation, we’ve got you covered.

For reliable turf suppliers, contact Australian Seed and Turf at (03) 9772 7632 or send us an email so we can discuss how we can be of help.

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