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Spring Lawn Care Guide - Seed and Turf
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Spring Lawn Care Guide

Spring Lawn Care Guide

Spring is the best time of the year to lay turf, and it’s also the best time to utilise your lawn area to invite your guests at home for outdoor entertainment. Check out our guide below to make sure that your lawn is ready for spring.

Clear winter debris from your lawn

After the winter season, it’s important to make sure that your lawn is clean and spring-ready. Check if there are winter remains such as weeds or debris that might cause danger, especially to your kids and pets. 

Deep Watering

Spring is an ideal time for deep watering your lawn as the weather starts to warm and the sun starts to shine again, allowing it to become stronger, healthier and lush. You can ensure that you will have a beautiful-looking lawn in spring.


Fertilising in spring is a key factor in maintaining a healthier and greener lawn. Make sure to choose the right kind of fertiliser as each type of grass requires certain amounts of macronutrients. One thing you need to remember is that nitrogen is one of the important ingredients of good fertiliser. We are here to help whenever you have questions about fertilisation and lawn maintenance. 

Looking for the best lawn solutions for your instant lawn turf?

Offering premium instant lawn solutions throughout Melbourne and regional Victoria for both domestic and commercial turf, Australian Seed and Turf has you covered. For any questions on our instant turf products or help with proper installation, contact our team today via email or call (03) 9772 7632.

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