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Solid Turf and Hydroseeding: Comparing Lawn Solutions | Seed and Turf
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Solid Turf & Hydroseeding: Comparing Lawn Solutions

Solid Turf & Hydroseeding: Comparing Lawn Solutions

If you’re wanting to get the perfect instant lawn in Melbourne, you can go about it in various ways. Direct application by laying sod is the most common method, while hydroseeding is currently gaining popularity as an alternative. Which one is best for your property?

Comparing lawn solutions

Instant turf installation

This process involves transplanting a bed of already-grown grass onto your property. This bed of grass has a layer of soil and roots which then latch onto the soil of your property to get properly established. 

With instant turf installation, you can immediately reap the benefits of an aesthetically pleasing lawn as it only needs a few weeks to be fully established.

How well the root systems are established depend on the variety of grass and how suited it is to your terrain and the climate in your area. Make sure to choose warm-season varieties if you’re living somewhere with a warmer climate. 


Hydroseeding involves spraying a slurry of water, mulch, lawn seed and other additives onto your property. Since it’s not hands-on installation, it requires less effort than sodding the lawn. You can also be specific about the components mixed in the slurry, so you can use seeds well-suited to your property. 

Patience is necessary to see the beautiful results of your hydroseeded lawn. Unlike instant turf installation, hydroseeding takes more time to become established and grow. It also needs more ongoing maintenance, including topdressing and overseeding if there are damaged areas. But with proper care and effort, you get to enjoy a luxurious lawn.

Looking for reliable lawn solutions to help you out? 

Australian Seed and Turf is one of the trusted turf suppliers in Melbourne, offering solutions for your commercial or domestic turf. From providing freshly cut lawn turf to helping you with its proper installation, we’ve got you covered.For the best turf for Melbourne, contact us at (03) 9772 7632 or send us an email so we can discuss how we can be of help.

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