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Overseeding Your Lawn Turf | Seed and Turf
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Overseeding Your Lawn Turf


Overseeding Your Lawn Turf

A healthy lawn turf doesn’t miraculously grow overnight. Your lawn needs regular maintenance and care for it to flourish! One of the ways to improve lawn growth is by overseeding.

So, what is overseeding? Overseeding is a process in which grass seeds are applied directly to the lawn without turning the turf over. Through overseeding, you can avoid losing grass to lawn diseases, pests, weeds or other problems. It also helps fill in spots on the turf that might have been left bare because of a variety of factors. It improves the density of your lawn grasses, adjusting the plant stock and thus enhancing the lawn in general.

Preparing for Overseeding

Before overseeding your lawn, you first have to prepare it.

Mow your lawn shorter than you usually do

This is to improve the percentage of seeds that germinate in the soil. Once you have overseeded, you should delay mowing the lawn because you may risk tearing out the new grass that hasn’t had enough time to properly establish its roots.

Clear out and remove all clippings

Normally, the clippings can be left in place to feed the lawn. However, when overseeding, it’s better to remove the clippings from the ground. This is to allow the new seed to make better contact with the soil for faster germination.

Rake the lawn

Remove the excess thatch and debris and turn-over the soil by raking it. It will also loosen the turf so that the soil becomes ready to receive the new seed.

Spreading the seed

Once your lawn is ready, it’s time for overseeding! Spreading the seeds is a fairly simple process if you just make sure that the seeds you choose suit your climate and compliment your grass well.

Lastly, you should overseed when the air is calm. Do not choose a windy day as it will lead to seed waste!

Looking for the best lawn solutions for your lawn turf?

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