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Natural vs Synthetic Lawn. Which one is better? - Seed and Turf
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Natural vs Synthetic Lawn. Which one is better?

Natural vs Synthetic Lawn. Which one is better?

Considering a synthetic or natural lawn? We’re here to compare both options, from how they look to how they’re installed and maintained. Let’s explore these differences to help you choose what’s best for your outdoor space. Count on our lawn solutions expertise for personalised guidance.


Natural: Offers a vibrant and organic landscape, gradually evolving to become an integral part of the outdoor environment. It provides a classic, lush, and authentic appearance.

Synthetic: Maintains a consistent appearance year-round, ensuring a consistently green and well-kept look without seasonal variations. Ideal for those seeking a tidy, low-maintenance landscape.


Natural: Involves soil preparation, seeding, or laying turf rolls, requiring time to grow and mature. Regular watering and care are crucial for its development, providing the satisfaction of witnessing gradual landscape growth.

Synthetic: Provides immediate usability, requiring minimal soil preparation and limited watering. Perfect for homeowners desiring instant results without the wait associated with natural lawns.


Natural: Requires regular maintenance, including mowing, watering, and occasional treatments like fertilisation and aeration. It demands ongoing care and attention to sustain its health and appearance.

Synthetic: Requires minimal maintenance, significantly reducing the need for mowing, watering, or treatments. It offers a consistently neat and green appearance as a low-maintenance solution.

What’s Better For You?

Certain factors, such as your preference for a classic evolving landscape or a consistent appearance, influence the choice between natural and synthetic lawns. Consider installation time, maintenance needs, and your aesthetic preferences when making your decision. Need assistance? Contact us, your trusted turf supplier, for expert guidance tailored to your needs.

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