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Mulching Tips for Beginners - Australian Seed and Turf
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Mulching Tips for Beginners

Mulching Tips for Beginners

For your instant turf to flourish, you need nutrient-rich, healthy soil. Mulching is an age-old method for keeping your lawn healthier, greener and fresher. With proper mulching, you can enjoy the perks of richer growth without the time spent weeding, watering and dealing with lawn pests. 

Mulch usually comprises grass clippings, fallen leaves, wood chips, shredded bark and other lawn debris, and adds organic value to the soil. Similarly, mulch helps to keep the soil cool and moist, improves soil structure and adds precious nutrients to your lawn.

Here are some tips that will help to guide you when it comes to mulching:

Clean the mulch bed and keep it dry

Before mulching, clear away any debris that may be sitting on your lawn. It’s best to do this when it’s sunny. You should also avoid watering your lawn before mulching as putting mulch on overly wet soil can trap moisture and amplify the risk of acquiring lawn diseases. 

Apply the mulch evenly

Applying mulch can be a messy process, so you’re going to need a steady hand. Mulch applied too thickly on any area can cause problems, so aim to pile it no more than 8cm high. Applying mulch too thickly can lead to shallow root growth, making the lawn susceptible to diseases.

Stick to mulching

Once you’ve decided to mulch, stick with it! As with everything, nothing lasts forever or without regular upkeep. Generally speaking you should aim to mulch twice yearly, with the best times for mulching being at the start of spring and the end of autumn.

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