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Making Your Lawn Pet-Friendly | Seed and Turf
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Making Your Lawn Pet-Friendly

Making Your Lawn Pet-Friendly

Keeping your lawn turf neat and well-maintained becomes a bit more of a challenge when you have a dog who loves a run on the lawn. After all, dogs have an excitable nature that tends to turn a trimmed lawn into a muddy little mess.

So how do you keep your lawn in a pristine state if you have a pet dog?

Proper care and maintenance goes a long way in making your lawn resistant to any damage, regardless if it’s caused by weather conditions or other destructive elements, such as your four legged family member.

Go organic

If you’re going to use fertilisers or pesticides on your lawn, ensure that the products are organic or at least not toxic to pets. As a precaution, let your pet out only after the fertiliser has fully settled.

Keep compost out of your pet’s reach

Compost is good for your lawn, but not so much for your pet. There are some additions to your compost that might even be toxic to pets, such as certain types of fruits and vegetables. Make sure there are barriers in place to keep your pets from accessing your compost.

Set some boundaries

It is natural for dogs to mark their territory. They also like to walk around re-marking it from time to time. One way to manage this is to establish a clear path around the lawn, with a paw-friendly surface that will allow your dog to carry on his or her walks, whilst also preventing any damage to the lawn itself.

The same principle applies for when dogs relieve themselves or dig into their favourite spot in the lawn. Make sure there are protective fences to keep your pet out if you have a flower bed or if there are areas in the lawn that are particularly sensitive.

Need help with taking care of your turf?

Australian Seed and Turf provides a range of lawn solutions for your commercial or domestic turf. We have experience with many turf types and can deliver promptly too. From growing the best turf for Melbourne climate to helping with your turf installation, our team is happy to help.

A beautiful lawn is only one call away! Contact us at (03) 9772 7632 or send us an email today.

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