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Make the most of your turf area for outdoor gatherings and barbecues this summer!
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Make the most of your turf area for outdoor gatherings and barbecues this summer!

Make the most of your turf area for outdoor gatherings and barbecues this summer!

Turn your lawn into a space of relaxation and socialising! Whether you’ve recently installed it or it’s been part of your backyard for a while, your instant turf can be converted into an inviting space for outdoor gatherings and barbecues this summer season.

Check out our tips below for creating the perfect outdoor ambiance!

Create a Cosy Atmosphere

Your instant turf area is the perfect canvas for creating a cosy and inviting atmosphere for your gatherings. Throw in some comfortable outdoor furniture, like lounge chairs or picnic blankets, and you’ve got yourself a welcoming space for family and friends.

Set the Stage for Barbecues

Who doesn’t love the sizzle of a barbecue on a warm summer evening? Your instant turf area is an ideal spot to set up your grill and create a barbecue haven. Consider adding a portable barbecue station, some string lights overhead, and maybe a few potted plants to enhance the ambiance. This simple setup can turn your backyard into a culinary paradise!

Games and Activities

Turn your lawn turf into a playground for both kids and adults. Lawn games like backyard cricket or a simple game of catch can add an extra layer of fun to your outdoor gatherings. The soft turf provides a comfortable surface for activities and ensures that everyone can join in the fun without worrying about hard surfaces.

Choose the Right Turf

Selecting the right turf is crucial for a vibrant and enjoyable outdoor space. If you’re looking for a turf that combines softness with durability, consider our Matilda Buffalo Turf. Its lush, soft surface is an inviting play area and entertaining area for both adults and children. This ensures that your instant turf area remains not only inviting but also resilient for gatherings, playtime and outdoor barbecues!

Creating a lawn that’s perfect for barbecues and outdoor gatherings requires a reliable turf. The good news is that here at Australian Seed and Turf, we understand the importance of selecting the right turf that thrives all year round. Contact us today for lawn solutions and ensure your outdoor space is ready for unforgettable moments this summer!

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