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Irrigation Tips for Healthy Instant Lawn - Seed and Turf
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Irrigation Tips for Healthy Instant Lawn

Irrigation Tips for Healthy Instant Lawn

Your instant turf needs proper and sufficient watering to remain lush, green and healthy, especially during the summer months. The excessive heat can dry up the soil quickly, preventing the roots from getting the moisture and nutrients they need. The key to watering your lawn is balance: underwatering is just as bad as overwatering.

Here are some tips for properly watering your lawn. 

Water in the early morning

For best results, schedule watering your lawn for early mornings, late afternoons or evenings. This is to better avoid excessive heat and direct sunlight which can make the moisture dissipate from the soil before reaching the root systems. The earlier in the morning you water, the better, so there’s still some cool air left and there’s enough time for the water to sink deeper. 

Water deeply once or twice a week

Well-established lawns can flourish with just a couple of deep waterings per week. Deep watering allows the roots to receive the moisture and nutrients they need better than frequent surface watering. The water should reach at least 15 cm to 20 cm deep into the soil to be effective. You can check this using the screwdriver test; if the soil is stiff and dry when you try to stick the screwdriver into it, then you need to water more. 

Prepare a rainwater harvesting system  

For a more efficient watering process, having an irrigation system installed is a great option. Incorporating a rainwater harvesting system benefits the environment but also reduces your overall water costs. Utilising rainwater is eco-friendly, and you can set up your system to redistribute the water for later use, helping you to prepare for possible droughts. 

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