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When Should You Ideally Install Your Lawn Turf? | Seed and Turf
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When Should You Ideally Install Your Lawn Turf?

When Should You Ideally Install Your Lawn Turf?

It is important to consider when to install your lawn turf regardless of the type of grass you have. Several factors you should take note of include climate and rainfall conditions, as well as whether the temperature range of the season agrees well with the grass type.

Laying your lawn turf in spring

The weather is mild during spring, making it the ideal season for laying your turf. The optimal temperature range aids in a much faster grass growth as it establishes its root system. If you lay your turf in early spring, it could be already firmly entrenched on the soil by the time summer rolls in. Since its roots have formed a secure hold, the grass is better equipped to withstand harsh temperatures and rains.

Laying your lawn turf in summer

Though not as easy as during spring, summer lawn turf installation is still manageable. You just have to keep track of how hot our summers can be. If you picked a drought-resistant lawn turf variety, then it shouldn’t be too much trouble at all. Whichever the case, you have to make sure that your lawn turf is tough and durable enough to survive establishing its root system through the intense summer heat.

As the grass takes root, always keep the soil moist by regularly watering. Don’t let the roots dry out even if it means watering your lawn several times a day during the first few weeks. Your patience and efforts will pay off when the root systems have been firmly established and your lawn flourishes.

Laying your lawn turf in autumn

Autumn weather is cooler, which means your lawn turf won’t require too much watering to combat the heat. If you’re picking autumn to lay your lawn turf, it’s best to do it early in the season. This will give you just about enough time to get the grass firmly established before winter comes. Otherwise, your lawn won’t have strong enough a hold to survive through the winter months.

Laying your lawn turf in winter

Winter isn’t a good season for laying down your lawn turf. It’s better to just wait for spring before proceeding and to increase the chances of successful grass growth. Use this time instead to begin preparing your soil and ensuring that it is healthy enough to support the healthy growth of your lawn turf.

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