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How to Properly Scarify the Lawn Turf - Seed and Turf
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How to Properly Scarify the Lawn Turf

How to Properly Scarify the Lawn Turf

Scarifying your instant turf helps minimise the layers of thatch on it. Thatch is the layer of dead organic matter, such as fallen leaves and twigs, that accumulate on the surface of the lawn. If not dealt with, it can contribute to poor lawn health. This is because when there’s too much build-up of thatch, it blocks the nutrients and water from reaching the root systems, making the lawn susceptible to damage and diseases.

For scarifying, a proper scarifier is needed. A scarifier has rolling blades that cut through and remove thatch. You can choose either a manual scarifier or a machine one; the former is enough for a small lawn, while a bigger lawn can benefit more from the latter.

Preparing your lawn for scarifying

Mowing the lawn

By mowing, you can remove the excess growth of the grass as well as get rid of the superficial thatches. Doing so will help make the scarifying process much smoother.  

Applying moss killer

Ensure the moss is dead at least 7 days before the scheduled scarifying process. Apply moss killer so that there’s no risk of spreading the moss spores while you’re scarifying. 

Avoid sloped areas

Scarifying on sloped areas can cause grass seeds that have been laid to be washed away after you water the lawn. Make sure that if you do go over the sloped surfaces, you use only a medium scarifying height and avoid deep scarifying. 

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