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How to Prep Your Lawn for Instant Turf Installation - Seed and Turf
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How to Prep Your Lawn for Instant Turf Installation

How to Prep Your Lawn for Instant Turf Installation

As with any home project, instant turf installation requires some prep time. Proper preparation is important in ensuring that your lawn turf will be healthy and attractive. 

Here’s what you can do to effectively prep your lawn for turf installation:  

Sweep the area

All debris should be cleared away from the area before the turf installation. Plants, leaves, twigs and other matter should be removed to ensure a smooth and seamless installation process. 

Prepare the ground

Make sure the soil is healthy enough to encourage grass growth. If there are weeds, get rid of them with weed killer, ideally two weeks before the planned installation. Next, dig at least 15cm of the top level of soil to provide the loose soil. Remove the bricks or builder’s rubble that might be mixed with soil so it doesn’t interfere with the root growth once the lawn turf has been installed.

Add soil improvers

Once there’s enough loose soil to work with, you can add soil improvers. Adding slow-release fertiliser and pelletized compost can help encourage the grass roots to grow deeper into the soil. It also stimulates biological activity so that the soil can have the texture and trace nutrients needed for healthy growth, avoiding diseases and pests. 

Level and firm the ground

Rake the soil to break down any uneven surface. This will make mowing easier in the future. Once the surface is even and firm, you can install your new lawn turf!

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