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How to child-proof your lawn turf - Seed and Turf
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How to child-proof your lawn turf

How to child-proof your lawn turf

Your yard is a great place to let your kids experience the outdoors. It’s not only fun to run and play on the grass, but it also helps with your kids’ development such as improving their motor skills, coordination, and balance. However, it’s also essential to ensure that your lawn is a safe space for your children to avoid any risks or dangers. Here are a few tips to help you. 

Secure your lawn perimeter

Securing your lawn perimeter is one of the best ways to child-proof your lawn, such as adding a gated fence to prevent your children from getting into the zones that are not allowed for kids. It will give you peace of mind and create a safe space for your kids and you can protect them from going beyond the secured areas.

Remove Tripping Hazards

Make sure that the area is secured from any possible hazards such as loose wires, sticks, garden supplies and other things that will endanger your kids. Taking these into consideration can guarantee that your children will be safe from any accidents. 

Choose the right grass

Kids love playing, running, and falling on the grass, and using instant grass lowers the chances of injuries as it is safer for kids. Our Kikuyu Kenda instant grass is one example of an ideal grass that is kid and pet-friendly, and suitable for residential areas, sports fields, and schools. 

Looking for the best lawn solutions for your instant lawn turf?

Offering premium instant lawn solutions throughout Melbourne and regional Victoria for both domestic and commercial turf, Australian Seed and Turf has you covered. 

For any questions on our instant turf products or help with proper installation, contact our team today via email or call (03) 9772 7632.

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