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How to care for your lawn turf as the summer heat begins to kick in. - Seed and Turf
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How to care for your lawn turf as the summer heat begins to kick in.

How to care for your lawn turf as the summer heat begins to kick in.

As the weather starts to warm, the heat can take a toll on your lawn turf. This is why it’s important to maintain a summer lawn routine to ensure your lawn stays healthy and withstands the higher temperatures all summer long.

Here are some tips for summer lawn maintenance. 

Water Deeply

It’s beneficial for your lawn when you water deeply during the summer. Water your lawn at least three times a week. The best time is in the early morning and it’s important to allow the water to soak through to the roots. To make sure that you’ve watered enough, test it by pushing a screwdriver into the soil; if there’s too much resistance, that’s a sign that you will need to water it more.

Grub Treatment

Grubs are pests that are active during the summer. They feed on the root systems and are attracted to the nutrients of a healthy lawn turf. Grub infestation can cause damage to your lawn: spongy patches, yellowing of grass, wilting and dying lawns are all symptoms of a grub infested lawn. One of the most efficient ways to treat grubs is to use nematodes, which are microscopic organisms that attack grubs’ bodies and kill them without damaging your lawn. Another way is to apply milky spore, a kind of bacterium in powder form. It is an effective long-term solution that can create a bacterial environment to kill grubs off. 

Mow High

Mowing supports healthy root growth while also making your lawn more heat-tolerant. Make sure that you have a sharp mower blade and avoid cutting more than a third of the grass blade. 


Fertilising helps with a thicker and healthier grass growth in the summer, especially when you have warm-season grass such as the Matilda Buffalo or Kikuyu Kenda variety. Fertilising is also a great way to improve your lawn’s heat resistance. Make sure that your fertiliser is formulated for summer use to prevent your lawn from burning. Consult with professionals to help you find the perfect fertiliser for your lawn type. There’s a specific kind of fertiliser formulated for summer months. 

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