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How to Avoid a Waterlogged Lawn - Australian Seed and Turf
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How to Avoid a Waterlogged Lawn

How to Avoid a Waterlogged Lawn

A waterlogged lawn is almost as bad as a wilted lawn. Waterlogged lawns can come about in various ways, but with the right guidance, here’s how you can avoid water logging your instant lawn in Melbourne.

Improve soil quality

If you have prepared your soil well before turf installation, then you’re already off to a great start. Healthy soil that favours turf growth is less likely to lead to a waterlogged lawn. Similarly, quality soil leads to increased grass health, which in turn prevents other issues such as lawn disease from emerging. To gauge how healthy your soil is, you can perform a soil test that determines its texture, pH level and present nutrients.

Prevent soil compaction 

On top of keeping your soil at a respectable pH level, you should also ensure that the soil is not compacted. Compaction usually occurs in heavier soils and it is caused by factors such as constant foot and vehicle traffic. With compacted soil, the space needed for the root to develop and get air is greatly diminished. The tighter space also leads to water easily pooling on the surface instead of seeping right into the root system. To prevent soil compaction, regularly aerate your lawn. 

Fix the drainage

Clear the way for the water to flow by fixing the drainage system in your lawn. This is especially applicable if your lawn has an uneven surface. Contact professionals if you require additional piping to draw the water away and to minimise water stagnation. 

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