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Feeding Your Lawn Turf during Winter | Seed and Turf
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Feeding Your Lawn Turf during Winter

Feeding Your Lawn Turf during Winter

Taking care of your instant lawn in Melbourne during winter requires just about the same amount of effort as it does the rest of the year. Feeding your lawn turf during winter is essential to encourage stronger growth once spring comes around.

While the temperature beneath the surface of the soil is quite mild, the roots can always benefit from additional nutrients to replenish cell walls, replace weak or dead roots and burrow deeper into the soil. Not only will your lawn turf establish stronger root systems to support richer growth aboveground, the extra nourishment will assist your lawn to resist diseases better. A healthy, well-fed lawn turf has an optimal chance of fighting off lawn diseases that might attack during damp winter conditions.

What to feed your lawn


Phosphorus is a macronutrient and an essential element in many key plant functions, such as energy transfer and photosynthesis. It helps in converting other nutrients into enzymes needed for the growth and vigor of all plant life. Deficiency in phosphorus in the soil can lead to stunted plant growth, making your grass appear darker with a slight purple hue.


Potassium is another macronutrient that balances the water content of the grass. It ensures that the essential nutrients are carried around the whole plant system. It also helps the grass to build thicker cell walls, to defend against external stresses, cold and hot temperatures and diseases. Potassium deficiency leads to stunted growth and yellowing grass blades.

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