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Everything You Need to Know About Our Santa Ana Couch Lawn
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Everything You Need to Know About Our Santa Ana Couch Lawn

Everything You Need to Know About Our Santa Ana Couch Lawn

If you’re looking for domestic turf with exceptionally high wear and shade tolerance, Santa Ana Couch lawn is perfect for you. Here’s everything you need to know about this turf variety and how Australian Seed and Turf can help you with your lawn solutions.

What is a Santa Ana Couch lawn?

Santa Ana Couch is a popular type of grass used for creating instant lawns in various settings such as residential areas, sports fields, schools, and commercial or recreational areas. It features fine leaves and a dense hybrid couch with a moderate growth rate, making it an excellent choice for lawns that require low mowing. Additionally, Santa Ana Couch has lower water and fertiliser requirements compared to most other grass types, making it ideal for backyard use. Proper maintenance ensures that it retains its colour even in low temperatures.

Sun and Shade Tolerance 

If you’re looking for a grass that can thrive even in the shade, then Santa Ana Couch lawn is your best bet! It’s the most shade-tolerant couch variety out there. Even though it prefers soaking up the sun, it can handle some shade during the day, which is a total game-changer!

Whether you’re in the city or by the salty beaches, Santa Ana Couch Lawns can withstand Melbourne’s unpredictable weather. You won’t have to ever worry about your lawn drying up and turning brown during the hotter months. This type of instant turf is capable of tolerating the harsh Australian heat. 


Did you know that Santa Ana Couch has an amazing root system that makes it one of the best turfs to walk on? It’s super soft, which means you can stroll around barefoot and enjoy the grass between your toes!

This grass can also handle wear and tear like a champ, and it can tolerate weeds and pesky insects. With just the right amount of fertilising, watering, and mowing, Santa Ana Couch can help maintain a beautiful and durable lawn for years to come.

So, if you’re looking for turf that’s not only attractive but also easy to maintain, Santa Ana Couch is definitely worth considering. Your feet (and your lawn) will thank you for it!

Australian Seed and Turf offers lawn solutions for your commercial or domestic turf. From providing freshly cut lawn turf to helping you with its proper installation, we’ve got you covered.

For turf installation in Melbourne, contact us at (03) 9772 7632 or send us an email so we can discuss how we can be of help.

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