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Everything you need to know about our Commercial Turf options
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Everything you need to know about our Commercial Turf options: Fine Fescue Blend and Bentgrass

Everything you need to know about our Commercial Turf options: Fine Fescue Blend and Bentgrass

Commercial turf is used for landscape applications in public or commercial areas. It’s frequently selected by developers because it is a cost-efficient option that gives your space a professional and clean look. 

At Australian Seed and Turf, we offer two commercial turf options: Fine Fescue Blend and Bentgrass. 

Fine Fescue Blend

Fine Fescue blend is a type of commercial turf that’s available all year round with 50% Creeping Red Fescue & 50% Chewings Fescue. It has broad leaves and is known for its low moisture needs and for being shade tolerant. So you would have picked up that this grass type is incredibly low maintenance! 

We grow our Fine Fescue Blend on United States Golf Association (USGA) specification sand, making the turf strong, healthy and long lasting. Fine Fescue Blend is easy to maintain after dethatching, scarifying and aerating as it is grown with no netting inside the turf sod. 


On the other hand, Bentgrass commercial turf is known for its fine texture and thickness. Contrastingly to its Fine Fescue Blend counterpart, this type has flat leaf blades and slender stems. It is a specialty grass commonly used for golf courses or other sports facilities, and adaptable to cool and humid regions. Bentgrass does require higher maintenance, so you will have to water, mow and fertilise much more frequently. 

Our standard Bentgrass varieties are available all year round – PENN G2, PENN A1, and Penncross. Like our Fine Fescue Blend, our Bentgrasses are also grown on USGA specification sand with no netting inside, making it a robust turf.

Which commercial turf option is the best? 

This really depends on your unique lawn requirements and preferences. You should consider how much time and maintenance you are able to give your turf to help you decide between the two options. You’ll also need to think about where your turf will be used. We recommend consulting with a lawn professional who will give you a more personalised solution for your turf needs. 

Looking for the best lawn solutions for your instant lawn turf?

Offering premium instant lawn solutions throughout Melbourne and regional Victoria for both domestic and commercial turf, Australian Seed and Turf has you covered. For any questions on our instant turf products or help with proper installation, contact our team today via email or call (03) 9772 7632

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