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Create The Perfect Lawn For You And Your Pet - Seed and Turf
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Create The Perfect Lawn For You And Your Pet

Create The Perfect Lawn For You And Your Pet

There’s no doubt that your pets, particularly dogs and puppies, are notorious when it comes to making a mess of your yard and flower beds. While it may seem that a healthy lawn and a happy pet can’t coexist, there are things you can do to give yourself the best chance of achieving both. 

So why not try these handy maintenance tips to keep your lawn resilient and your pet happy! 

Choose a pet-friendly grass variety

To get started, choose a resilient, pet-friendly grass variety to keep your lawn lush and green. The Matilda buffalo grass is a perfect choice because its soft texture is gentle to touch and walk on, and its self-healing properties make it more resistant to wear and damage. It’s the ideal lawn if you’re after a soft, yet durable area where you and your pet can play and run on.

Create a separate space or path for your pet

Pets like dogs tend to mark their territory and return to it regularly. So, to avoid this foot traffic, you should consider creating a clear path or designated area for your pet. This might encourage them to hang out there, rather than regularly frequent the grass itself.  Placing their toys, bed or kennel and food bowls there will likely increase the desirability of the space for them, which in turn would minimise the amount of time they actually spend on the lawn.  

Clean up after your pet immediately

Naturally, your pet will urinate or defecate on the lawn. Just be sure to immediately clean it up afterwards. Urine and faeces that are left unresolved for long durations of time will drastically impact grass growth in the future. To avoid this, spray the area with water afterwards, as this will neutralise the nitrogen content of their excretions.  

Get high-quality Matilda buffalo turf that you and your pet can enjoy! 

As one of the trusted lawn suppliers in Melbourne, Australian Seed and Turf offers lawn solutions for your commercial or domestic turf. We provide freshly cut Matilda buffalo turf and we can help you out with its proper installation.

A beautiful lawn is only one call away! Contact us at (03) 9772 7632 or send us an email so we can discuss how we can be of help. 

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