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Caring for your Matilda Buffalo lawn - Seed and Turf
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Caring for your Matilda Buffalo lawn

Caring for your Matilda Buffalo lawn

Bring the indoors outdoors with Matilda buffalo turf. This lawn turf is a semi-dwarf leaf with a texture that is soft to touch and walk on. Its smooth front and back texture makes it the perfect soft lawn for long-term use. It is proven to grow even in the harshest conditions, as long as you care for it. To ensure your Matilda Buffalo Turf is maintained to the best of your ability, check out some of our caring tips. 


We suggest watering your Matilda Buffalo grass for 15 minutes once a week, but keep in mind the seasons. For example, we suggest increasing the watering length in summer as the days are warmer, and minimising it in winter when it’s cooler. Similarly, you don’t need to water as much during periods of rain, but will need to increase watering when the weather is dryer.  


One of the ways to keep your Matilda Buffalo turf healthy and beautiful is to use fertilisers. Nitrogen, an important component of fertiliser, helps in the metabolic processes of plants. We always suggest seeking the help of a professional to help you choose the right kind of fertiliser for your lawn type.


At the installation phase, we suggest mowing your Matilda Buffalo turf between 7 to 14 days after installation. Never remove more than one third of the leaf during mowing but for further advice, consult our professionals who can advise on correct mowing frequency and height.

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