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What Is The Best Height To Cut Your Grass? | Australian Seed and Turf
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What Is The Best Height To Cut Your Grass?

What Is The Best Height To Cut Your Grass?

Mowing is a necessary part of lawn and turf maintenance. Keeping your grass a certain height can directly affect the depth of its root systems. That is, when you cut the grass shorter than is advisable, it can lead to a damaged root system. 

Each grass type has a recommended blade height. Determine first whether your lawn is a cool-season turf or a warm-season turf. Cool-season turfs generally should be kept at a height between 25mm  to 100mm, whilst the recommended height for warm-season turfs range from 20mm to 75mm.

Before proceeding with mowing, you should first check the recommended blade height for your grass. You can consult with your local lawn solutions professional for expert advice. 

However, there’s a general rule of thumb for cutting grass that you can follow when it comes to mowing. Never remove more than one-third of the total grass blade length in a single mowing. The ideal time to mow your lawn is when it’s around 90mm; trim it down to around 60mm. Going any lower can prevent growth stimulation and cause stress to the grass. This can differ depending on the variety.

Also, it’s better to mow depending on the grass growth instead of setting a more rigid schedule. For instance, mowing every week might sound reasonable, but it doesn’t take into account just how tall the blades have grown during that period. It also fails to consider the conditions in that duration that might contribute to slower or faster grass growth.

During summer, for example, it’s advisable to let your lawn grow a bit taller to provide the roots with some shade. On the other hand, during spring, it’s best to keep your blades short to allow you to remove dead leaves and thatch. 

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