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Basics of Mulching Your Lawn Turf - Seed and Turf
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Basics of Mulching Your Lawn Turf


Basics of Mulching Your Lawn Turf

A healthy, green lawn turf enjoys an equally healthy and nutrient-rich soil. Mulching is a great method to ensure that the lawn and the soil are kept in impeccable condition. Mulch generally consists of grass clippings from the mowed grass or other garden debris like fallen leaves, and it adds precious organic value to the soil.

Most people worry that mulching the lawn can lead to a build-up of thatch. However, this is not true. The grass clippings used in mulch are largely composed of cellulose and water. The grass clippings are also cut into smaller pieces that allow them to settle beneath the lawn surface. As such, they decompose much more rapidly while also giving back the nutrients to the soil!

So how exactly do you set up an area where you can have your mulch decomposing so it is ready to reapply to the garden? We’ll help you

Do’s of mulching

Here’s what to remember when mulching.

Clean out the mulch bed

Before proceeding, clean out the area you’ll be using for the mulch bed. Remove excess rocks and rubbish that might have built up previously to keep the soil underneath healthy.

Mulch when it’s dry

It’s better to use dry clippings than wet ones, so wait for a sunny day before mulching! Also, hold off on watering the lawn until after mulching.

Don’ts of mulching

Here are things to avoid when mulching.

Don’t mow off more than a third of the height of your grass

If it’s been a while since you’ve mowed, the grass is likely too tall for mulching. It is better to apply much when the grass is shortter so that the mulch reaches the soil and settles in rather than just sits on top of the grass cover.

Don’t fertilise

It’s always preferable for the clippings in the mulch to return nutrients to the soil in an organic way. So avoid fertilising the lawn beforehand because it hinders the ability for the grass clippings to effectively break down. Fertilising at the same time as mulching is too much for the grass. Do one or the other

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