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5 Common mistakes people make when laying instant turf - Seed and Turf
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5 Common mistakes people make when laying instant turf

5 Common mistakes people make when laying instant turf

Instant turf doesn’t only beautify your outdoor space, but it also has other benefits such as positively impacting the water, air and atmosphere around you. A lush, green grass is a haven for adults, children and pets to enjoy. However, before you lay fresh grass, you must prepare the area correctly. Here are some common mistakes to avoid when laying your instant turf:

Failure to prepare the soil and underlay 

First thing’s first, you must ensure the underlay to your instant turf is prepared and suitable for laying fresh lawn over. Kill off any existing vegetation, smooth the surface level, add nutrients and check the quality of your soil. Soil improvers are a great way to increase the fertility and structure of the soil. The use of soil improvers is also a fantastic way to prevent your instant turf’s soil from becoming dry and unhealthy.

Uneven groundwork

As you lay your instant lawn, we suggest walking over it so you do not disrupt the level soil surface. After installing each section, make sure you water it well and then roll with a heavy roller or compact with a brick paving compactor to leave a consolidated and smooth mowing surface. Uneven groundwork can negatively impact the overall performance of your turf and the establishment of its root systems, so it’s important that you lay your instant turf correctly. 

Not watering instant turf enough

Unfortunately it’s not quite time to kick your feet up as soon as your instant turf is laid. One of the common mistakes people make is neglecting to water it. New turf should always be watered straight after laying it, and then kept damp for the next few weeks. As a rough rule of thumb, we suggest lightly watering it three times a day to ensure it doesn’t dry out.   

Mowing too much and too soon 

Avoid mowing your new grass straight after laying it as its root systems will not yet be fully established. We suggest giving your lawn at least 7-14 days to settle into its new environment before mowing it. Mowing with blunt blades is also a common mistake that people make and the reason we recommend avoiding this is to avoid damage to the grass. We also suggest ensuring that only about one third of the leaf blade is mowed. 

Applying fertiliser too soon

While fertiliser should be applied regularly all year round, it’s important to ensure your fresh, new turf has about 6 weeks to settle into its environment before you apply any fertiliser. To ensure you select the correct fertiliser for your turf type, we suggest contacting a professional to advise. 

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