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3 Tips To Help Caring For Your Lawn In Winter Easy | Seed and Turf
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3 Tips To Help Caring For Your Lawn In Winter Easy

3 Tips To Help Caring For Your Lawn In Winter Easy

Winter can be a challenging season for homeowners striving to keep their lawns lush and healthy. But fear not, for we’ve unlocked the ultimate tips and tricks to make winter lawn care a breeze.

Check out these three essential tips to keep your instant lawn in optimal condition.

Prepare your lawn in advance

Don’t let winter put a damper on your instant lawn’s vitality and beauty!  Advanced preparation such as deep cleaning, banishing fallen leaves and pesky debris can help your lawn withstand harsh weather conditions. 

Avoid excess watering

While it’s important to keep your lawn adequately hydrated, excessive watering during winter can be detrimental. Overwatering in cold temperatures can lead to waterlogging, which can promote disease and root rot. Monitor the weather conditions and adjust your watering schedule accordingly.

Limit foot traffic

Minimise walking or playing on your instant lawn during the winter months. Frozen or snow-covered grass is more susceptible to damage and compaction, which can hinder its growth and health. By reducing foot traffic, you allow the grass to rest and recover, leading to a healthier lawn in the spring.

Following these three simple tips for caring for your lawn in winter can ensure that your lawn remains healthy and ready to flourish in the next seasons to come. With a little extra care during the colder months, you’ll set the foundation for a vibrant and lush lawn.

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