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3 Facts About Our Kikuyu Kenda Instant Grass & Turf - Seed and Turf
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3 Facts About Our Kikuyu Kenda Instant Grass & Turf

3 Facts About Our Kikuyu Kenda Instant Grass & Turf

If you’re looking for an instant grass variety that can handle direct sunlight and is generally low maintenance, we highly recommend Kikuyu Kenda. This type of instant grass is a popular choice for homeowners who want a lush, green lawn that can withstand heavy foot traffic. 

Check out these 3 facts about Kikuyu Kenda to enhance your outdoor space.

Low maintenance

Kikuyu Kenda instant turf is known for easy upkeep. It requires minimal watering, fertilising, and mowing, making it a great option if you want a beautiful lawn without the hassle of constant maintenance. With proper care, you can enjoy a lush and healthy lawn year-round. 

Drought Resistance

Another great quality of the Kikuyu Kenda grass variety is that it’s drought resistant. It makes a great option if your area has limited water resources or you simply want to conserve water. In addition, this grass has deep roots that allow it to access water from the soil even in times of drought. 

Wear Resistance

If your outdoor space is a high-traffic area, Kikuyu Kunda is ideal for you. This grass variety is a popular choice for lawns, sports fields or playgrounds because of its exceptional wear resistance. What’s amazing about it is that it can regenerate quickly and immediately recover from damage. 

Overall, Kikuyu Kenda’s an excellent choice if you want instant grass and turf that’s both attractive and resilient. If you want to know more about this turf variety and how we can help with your lawn solutions, call us today. 

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