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Tall Fescue Lawn | Instant Turf Melbourne Seed and Turf Farm
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Tall Fescue Lawn

Tall Fescue lawn is a popular type of instant lawn grown in Victoria. It is a cool season variety of turf that adapts to a wide range of soil conditions. Tall Fescue stays green all year round (if irrigated) and has no runners! The beauty of Tall Fescue is that it can be installed just about anywhere.


Recommended usage

It is a blade type grass, which means it will not invade your garden beds and it will retain it’s deep green color throughout the year. Maintenance levels would be described as medium with summer irrigation a must.


Shade & Sun Tolerance

Do you have an area that gets full sun throughout the day? Or do you have an area that will receive up to 55-60%shade, providing its getting filtered light? Tall Fescue lawn will not only survive but will prosper in all these areas.



Tall Fescue lawn will handle moderate levels of foot traffic, which makes it popular for front and backyard use, especially around swimming pools and in areas that you are looking for a hardy reliable lawn.

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