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Santa Ana Couch Lawn | Melbourne Turf Farm Seed and Turf
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Santa Ana Couch Lawn

Santa Ana Couch lawn is a fine leaf grass with a medium growth rate that tolerates low mowing. Its fine dense leaf blades give it an exceptionally high wear tolerance. Santa Ana Couch Turf has a lower water and fertiliser requirement than most other lawns.
It is a very dense hybrid couch, so it is very resistant to wear, weeds and insects.
Santa Ana Couch Turf also has excellent low temperature colour retention. It is the most shade tolerant of the couches.


Recommended usage

Santa Ana Couch Turf is a great instant lawn for everyone, home owners, sports fields, schools, residential and commercial/recreational areas. Santa Ana Couch Turf is commonly used in golf course fairways and tees


Sun & Shade Tolerance

A Santa Ana Couch Lawn prefers full sun but will handle some shade throughout the day. Grown in full sun your lawn will thrive and tolerate wear extremely well. Santa Ana Couch Lawns can really handle the Melbourne climate wheather your in the city or by the salty beaches.



Santa Ana Couch Turf is drought tolerant with a deep root system making it a hardy turf while still feeling quite soft underfoot. Given moderate fertilizing, watering and mowing will help maintain an attractive durable and enjoyable lawn

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