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Matilda Buffalo Turf - Semi Dwarf Leaf Buffalo Lawn | Seed & Turf
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Matilda Buffalo


Finally there is a solution to all your Lawn problems…Matilda – the ultimate in Quality and Performance when it comes to an Australian born and breed Lawn.

Matilda is a semi dwarf leaf Buffalo Lawn. Its texture is so soft to touch and walk on you will never want to wear shoes when you have Matilda in your front & back yard. Matilda’s leaf has a smooth soft texture both front and back making it the perfect soft lawn for year round use.

Matilda brings the indoors outdoors, as its lush soft surface is an inviting play area and entertaining area for both adults and children. Gone are the days of a buffalo Lawn that is harsh and hard to walk on without shoes.

With an outstanding summer and winter color, Softness, Drought Tolerance and wear resistance look no further than Matilda.

Matilda has been extensively tested and trialed in a Natural and open environment, giving its true and reliable performance results.

Matilda is a truly stunning lawn, designed to handle Australia’s harsh and fluctuating climate.

It has a dense fibrous root system, which will help establish your lawn rapidly, minimizing water use and saving you time.

Matilda has a dense thatch giving your lawn an everlasting lush full look all year round. Its rich evergreen color is second to none, tolerating both full sun and part shade up to 80%.

Matilda will survive temperatures below zero and will self repair if damaged.

Matilda has been tested and proven to grow in even the harshest of conditions. Tested and trialed in Australia, Matilda is not affected by and will tolerate salty soil. Although not ideal for any turf, Matilda will grow on clay and rocky soils where most other turf varieties will not.

Matilda is Australia’s Lawn when it comes to a turf so easy to care for and so casual to own.




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