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Fine Fescue Blend - Seed and Turf
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Fine Fescue Blend


  • Standard Fine Fescue Blend available all year round – 50% Creeping Red Fescue & 50% Chewings Fescue.
  • We grow our Fine Fescue Blend on USGA specification sand.
  • It is also grown with no netting inside the turf sod hence making it easier to maintain after establishment i.e. de-thatching, scarifying, aerating.


Fine Fescue Consignment Growing

We also offer the service of consignment growing Fine Fescue, as a blend or as a straight variety for clients.

We can grow to your specifications:

  • Grow the variety or blend you want
  • Grow the turf in the sand you specify
  • Maintain the turf (nutrition, cutting height etc) to you specifications
  • Supply the instant sod without netting inside the sod


Available Warm Season Drought Tolerant Turf Grasses

We have a range of warm season drought tolerant turf grasses available to our commercial clients. Please visit our domestic turf page.

Commercial Turf