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Mow your new lawn between 7-14 days from installation if installing in an active growing period, (if installing in Winter this timeframe will not be so frequent, once a month is usually sufficient). Thereafter, mow every 7-10 days depending on the variety and growth rate of the lawn.

Never remove more than one third of the leaf at any given mowing, If your lawn has become excessively long, mow at the highest setting, gradually lowering mower height with each subsequent mowing.

The correct mowing height will vary depending on the variety of turf you have installed, the time of the year and the growth rate. For further advice ask your mowing contractor or our consultants.

During warmer months an increase in mowing height is recommended for healthier lawn. Avoid mowing wet grass and always keep your mower blades sharp.


We recommend the use of a complete lawn fertilizer, applied monthly in the growing season @ 2.5kg per 100 square metres. Important applications are at the beginning of spring and mid to late autumn.


We recommend the REGULAR use of Turf Culture Maximiser G soil wetting agent (granular) to allow water to penetrate the surface; otherwise it will run off and be wasted.

Turf Culture Maximiser G also helps trap water in the root zone, as it often runs straight through sandy soils.

Turf Culture Maximiser G organically breaks down over time, so it should be re-applied monthly through out the growing season (spring through to autumn), particularly in sandy, hydrophobic soils.

It may be necessary to apply Turf Culture Maximiser G wetting agent 2-3 times over a 4-6 week period initially to treat very dry soils. Turf Culture Maximiser G should be watered in well for best effect.

Turf Culture Maximiser G is available from Australian Seed & Turf Farm in 3kg and 25kg packs, if you wish to enquire about purchasing Turf Culture Maximiser G wetting agent please contact us.


Weeds & Insects are the greatest pest problem facing the home gardener. Most lawn pests are opportunistic and quickly move in and take over areas that have become thinned as a result of poor maintenance, wear, drought stress or inadequate growing conditions.


Because of their fast germination, growth rate and spreading habit, once weeds become established, there is little chance that the lawn will be able to out-compete them without you coming to the rescue.


Because they are mainly seasonal you can plan and be prepared for the insects specifically prone to your location.

To help you find the right remedy to control all your pest problems, inlcuding  pest identification and the required product to treat the area please go to our Trouble Shooting page.