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  • Begin installing the turf along any straight edged path or driveway. As you go, walk on the turf so you do not disrupt the level soil surface.
  • If you have part of a roll left over at the end of a row, use a large knife (i.e. bread knife) or spade to neatly cut off the remaining turf and use this to start on the next row. This will give a staggering of the joins similar to paving.
  • Make sure all joins are butted tightly together.
  • After installing each section water in well and roll with a heavy roller or compact with a brick paving compactor to leave a consolidated and smooth mowing surface.
  • Always ensure you keep the turf moist.
  • Additional hand watering is often required between your allowable watering times to ensure the turf does not stress in the warmer months.

Watering Schedule to establish a new lawn.

Late Spring/Summer (hot weather periods)
0-10 days Use 10minutes (5mm) three times a day in the morning, noon and evening. One extra watering is required if periods exceed temperatures of 35 degrees Celsius.
11-20 days Use 10minutes (5mm) twice a day morning and noon.
21-60 days Use 20minutes (10mm) once per day in the morning.
Over 60 days  Use 40 minutes (20mm) every second morning. In exceptionally hot weather periods use 20 minutes (10mm) once per day in the morning.
Early Spring/Autumn (mild weather periods)
 0-10days Use 10minutes (5mm) twice a day in the morning and at noon.
11-20 days Use 20minutes (10mm) once a day in the morning.
21-60 days Use 40 minutes (20mm) every second morning. In exceptionally hot weather periods use 20minutes (10mm) once per day in the morning.
Winter (wet & cool weather periods)
0-7 days Use 10minutes (5mm) once every day in the morning.
8-20 days Use 10minutes (5mm) once every second day in the morning.
21-60 days Use 10minutes (5mm) once every third day in the morning.

Remember if it rains turn the irrigation system off. Too much water and not enough sun can rot your grass.

Once your lawn is established – in excess of 60 days – revert to the tips on our watering page.

  • Mow your new lawn between 7-14 days from installation if installing in an active growing period, (if installing in Winter this timeframe will not be so frequent, once a month is usually sufficient).
  • Thereafter, mow every 7-10 days depending on the variety and growth rate of the lawn.
  • Never remove more than one third of the leaf at any given mowing, If your lawn has become excessively long, mow at the highest setting, gradually lowering mower height with each subsequent mowing.
  • The correct mowing height will vary depending on the variety of turf you have installed, the time of the year and the growth rate. For further advice ask your mowing contractor or our consultants.
  • During warmer months an increase in mowing height is recommended for healthier lawn.
  • Avoid mowing wet grass and always keep your mower blades sharp.

Standard Roll

460mm Wide x 2200mm Long x 30mm (approx) Thick = 1.00m² per Roll


585mm Wide x 1700mm Long x 30mm (approx) Thick = 1.00mper Roll

Prep Specs
Soid Measurement